Words That Work | Advanced

Words That Work | Advanced

In Words that Work – Advanced, we focus on the practical application of your newly acquired skills in common workplace situations. You will practice and fine-tune your verbal skills, so that you can respond to your colleagues and family with more confidence in challenging and stressful situations.

Words That Work Advanced - Course information

Module 5 | Recognizing Enemy Images

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In this module, you will learn how “Enemy Images” are barriers that limit connection with others when your judgments prevent you from seeing others as they really are.  With the “Enemy Image Process,” you shift from judging another person to connecting with your needs and the needs of the other person. This process enables you to shift out of moralistic judgment(s) and into awareness of needs, met and unmet, thus opening the door to increased likelihood of a connection. You can prepare for difficult conversations using Self-empathy and the Enemy Image Process, and by seeking the aid of a colleague to support you in your preparation.

Main topics: recognition of enemy images of others, understanding the enemy image process, enemy images at work, dealing with complicated conversations, evaluation of others.

Module 6 | Creating Wellbeing

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We begin this module by exploring the power of humor in the workplace as a strategy for connection, rather than as a way to educate, penalize, criticize or undermine others. You can also use your newly acquired skills to confront discrimination and Prejudice so that your basic needs for respect and authenticity will be met. You will learn to use Self-empathy and Silent empathy to enhance the quality of meetings by changing the dynamics of a group to create productive, interconnected events. We will also explore distinctions in “power” and “alleged power.” For instance, why you sometimes feel powerless and helpless, what causes this feeling, and how you can change it. You will learn to recognize differences in power structures and power differentials, whether perceived or real,  and then how to take action to feel more empowered yourself

Main topics: dealing with humor, tackling challenging prejudices, contributing to effective meetings, dealing with power structures

Module 7 | Seeing Challenges as an Opportunity

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We will begin this final module by learning how to use Nonviolent Communication to respond to gossip with an intention to connect rather than to shame or blame. We will also address one of the most problematic areas of communication: giving feedback without judging yourself or others. Instead you learn to base your feedback on observations, feelings, needs and requests. This kind of feedback improves team dynamics and morale, while leading to greater clarity regarding your goals and how to attain them. Additionally we learn to mediate agreements that have not been fulfilled and also to use your NVC skills when responding to email.

Main topics: dealing with gossip and complaints, offering feedback without criticism, knowledge of the difference between giving compliments versus evaluating someone, sticking to written and unwritten agreements, answering e-mails with the newly acquired style of communication.


Throughout the duration of the online course you can – through the facilities of the course environment – share with your fellow students, or you can ask specific questions to your course leader. If, on the other hand, a part of the course just needs a little more explanation for you, or if you want more background information, you can set up, optionally, a personal online coaching session through Skype, using the event scheduler. You can read more about how this works here.

The course is made up of 3 modules, comprised of 15 lessons

After your registration, we will immediately e-mail you the course book Words That Work in Business in e-book format, so that you can begin the first lesson as soon as possible. In order to support your mastery of the course content, we will also give you access to weekly supplemental lessons. This  weekly delivery does not mean that you need to start a new lesson each week. Rather, you set your own pace by choosing when to begin each lesson.

At the end of each lesson, you will be asked to take a short knowledge test, and at the end of each module, you will be asked to write a short essay about the contents of the module. Upon completion of each module, and after we have reviewed and assessed your essay, you’ll receive your Communications Badge (Comba), which symbolizes your communication skills level. You can then publically share this Comba wherever you want to let others know about your training, i.e email signatures, social media profiles, CV’s, etc.

What outcome can I expect once I’ve completed the course?
Our goal is that you will be able to

  • recognize your own enemy images and enemy images about others
  • enter and lead challenging conversations with more confidence
  • free yourself from prejudices, as well as a sense of guilt and/or shame
  • lead and participate in meetings more effectively
  • transform (office) gossip into connecting language
  • translate criticism into valuable feedback
  • use e-mail more effectively and integrate it into your daily communication strategies
  • initiate the termination of employment in a beneficial way for all concerned

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a “Practitioner of NVC” certificate

Familiarity with the 4 components – Observation, Feelings, Needs and Requests – of NVC and completion of the course Words That Work | Basics.

Your investment in money for this class is € 229,- and includes VAT, access to our online learning platform, the Words that Work in Business e-book and, upon successful completion of the course, a certificate.

Your investment in time will be approximately 1-2 hours per week or per lesson, including answering module-related questions. If you wish to spend more time on your studies, you’ll find that the opportunities to practice your newfound skills outside the classroom are limitless. The more you practice, the more you will accelerate your learning.

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