Words That Work | Basics

Words That Work | Basics

Using a variety of interactive methods, you will learn the basic principles of NVC and how to successfully use those skills. At the completion of the course, you will have the tools necessary to develop your capacity, be able to use NVC in a natural way in both your workplace and your personal environment.

Words That Work | Basics

Module 1 | Creating Awareness

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In the first module you will  become familiar with the basics of Nonviolent Communication so that you can start to use it in challenging situations in  your personal, school and work life. As you get acquainted with the powerful skills of empathy and self-empathy, you’ll learn how to use them when you are “triggered” into a fight flight freeze reaction. You’ll also learn about the empowering skill of silent empathy, in which you give yourself empathy without judging or condemning yourself.

Main features: awareness of blocked connections, use of self-empathy and recognition of your own triggers, empathy for and the understanding of others.

Module 2 | Mastering the Learning Cycle

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In this second module, you will learn how to celebrate needs met, and mourn needs not met using a celebration exercise that we encourage you to incorporate into your daily ritual.. This exercise helps you shift out of blame and into learning how to better meet your needs. And while doing so, you get the added benefit of meeting your need for empathy and increasing your sense of gratitude  while shifting away from punishment, guilt, shame and blame. The goal of doing this exercise is to support you to integrate your new NVC skills quickly and effectively into your life.

Main features: understanding and celebrating a sense of progress, and by the same token, mourning mistakes, keeping the learning cycle steady and strengthening it through daily practice

Module 3 | Confidence and Competence Building

Logo Course Words That Work Module 3

It takes practice to be able to use Nonviolent Communication fluently. This Module helps you create an optimal learning environment so that you can grow your skills with confidence and bring NVC into your daily life. In so doing, you will learn how to meet your need for empathy during “time-outs.” These moments of self-connection lead you to become more aware of when conflict is escalating. An essential part of this involves learning how to ask the people in your inner circle, professional and personal, to support you as you learn. This gives you the opportunity to free yourself of anxiety and fear of failure as the agreements help create clarity and an increased likelihood that you will attain your goals.

Main features: recognize and take personal responsibility, increase your overall NVC skills, nurture your willingness to learn and use new skills, create crystal-clear agreements with others.

Module 4 | Achieving Your Goals

Logo Course Words That Work Module 4

This module is dedicated to one of the most challenging aspects of NVC, which is to make clear requests. To do so, you begin by evaluating whether the request is a request and not a demand. Next, you endeavor to gain clarity about your own needs, since having that clarity makes you more likely to formulate clear requests. By making clear requests, you can then help to create clarity for others around you. Doable, present tense requests that are formulated in action language ask for something you want, instead of what you don’t want; they do this by asking others if they are willing to do something that you want to happen in the present moment.

Main features: asking for what you need, recognizing typical patterns of unclear requests, making clear requests, supporting others in receiving what they need.


Throughout the duration of the online course, you and your fellow students can use the online classroom facilities to ask questions, chat with each other, share activities, collaborate  or you ask course leaders specific questions. If you’d like more support in a particular lesson or subject, you also have the option of using the Event Scheduler to book a personal online coaching session through Skype. You can read more about how this works here.

The course is made up of 4 modules, comprised of 19 lessons

After your registration, we will immediately e-mail you the course book Words That Work in Business in e-book format, so that you can begin the first lesson as soon as possible. In order to support your mastery of the course content, we will also give you access to weekly supplemental lessons. This  weekly delivery does not mean that you need to start a new lesson each week. Rather, you set your own pace by choosing when to begin each lesson.

 At the end of each lesson, you will be asked to take a short knowledge test. Likewise at the end of each module, you will be asked to write a short essay about the contents of the module. Upon completion of each module, including submission of your essay (the completion of each module includes the essay) you’ll receive your Communications Badge (Comba), which symbolizes your communication skills level. You can then publicly share this Comba wherever you want to let others know about your training, i.e email signatures, social media profiles, CV’s, etc.

After finishing this course, you will have reached level 4 of the 7 attainable skill-levels for a practitioner of NVC. Our goal is that you will be able to:

  • Integrate the skills necessary to use NVC in your daily life
  • Recognize your own triggers and to find alternatives that create connection.
  • Prepare in advance for difficult conversations or meetings
  • Recognize the power that arises from celebrating successes and mourning failures
  • Create clear requests and as a consequence, get what you really need
  • Develop clarity about your capacity to contribute to your world and the world around you.
  • Clearly identify your goals and achieve them more rapidly

No previous knowledge is necessary to follow this course, only a large dose of curiosity about the unknown, some structure, and a dose of discipline.

The investment for this class is € 249,- and includes VAT, access to our online learning platform, the Words that Work in Business textbook and, upon successful completion of the course, a paper certificate. Your investment in time will be a approximately 1-2 hours per week or per lesson, including answering module-related questions. If you wish to spend more time on your studies, you’ll find that the opportunities to practice your newfound skills outside the classroom are limitless. The more you practice, the more you will accelerate your learning.

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