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In this short, free online course, we give you the opportunity to see for yourself the power of Words that Work.  You’ll experience the ease of our teaching tools and the personal attention course leaders give to each participant, while connecting with fellow students, via the course facilities – e,g, chat rooms, forums, exercise  groups – set up for each course.

Try the power of Words that Work. It’s free, and we will hold your hand, don’t worry!

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Logo Course Words That Work Module 1

In the first module you will  become familiar with the basics of Nonviolent Communication so that you can start to use it in challenging situations in  your personal, school and work life. As you get acquainted with the powerful skills of empathy and self-empathy, you’ll learn how to use them when you are “triggered” into a fight flight freeze reaction. You’ll also learn about the empowering skill of silent empathy, in which you give yourself empathy without judging or condemning yourself.

The first three lessons will introduce you to the following important skills:

  1. Creating awareness of yourself, the first step
    • The purpose of this lesson is to help you get started and to accompany you with your learning process of Words That Work, so that it can become an integral part of your life in both professional and personal settings.
  2. Recognizing your triggers
    • Become familiar with a strong human trait that has, perhaps, been relegated to the back-burner by many: using empathy and self empathy.
  3. Understanding others through empathy and self empathy.
    • Making you familiar with silent empathy – give yourself – silently – empathy, without judging or criticizing yourself. This process creates the necessary room to calm our spinning minds.


Throughout the duration of the online course you can – through the facilities of the course environment – share with your fellow students, or you can ask specific questions to your course leader. If, on the other hand, a part of the course just needs a little more explanation for you, or if you want more background information, you can set up, optionally, a personal online coaching session through Skype, using the event scheduler. You can read more about how this works here.

The course includes 3 lessons – all from the course Works That Work | Basics. Just like in the Basics course, at the end of each lesson, you will be invited to take a short quiz to asses what you have learned.

By participating in this ‘Trial’ course, you can decide whether the Words That Work training and our teaching techniques are right for you, right now. Our hope is that this will prove to be an enjoyable and meaningful experience, spurring you to sign up for Words That Work | Basic.

No previous knowledge is necessary to take this course, only a large dose of curiosity about the unknown.

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